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Recumbent Bike Gear - The recumbent bicycle parts and accessories you need to keep riding



Recumbent Bike Parts and Accessories


Need parts or accessories for your recumbent bike, recumbent trike or tandem recumbent? The Bicycle Man carries a wide selection of Recumbent Bicycle, Recumbent Tricycle and Tandem Parts for many major recumbent brands and manufacturers.

We have a variety of parts and accessories to fit recumbent bikes and trikes from Azub, Bacchetta, BikeE, Burley, Catrike, Cycle Genius, Greenspeed, Haluzak, HP Velotechnik, Ice, Lightning, Linear, RANS, Sun, TerraTrike, Trek, and Vision.

Your local bike shop may not have the parts or perhaps even the expertise to know which part you need. With many parts already in-stock ~ the Bicycle Man is here to help you locate the brand specific parts you require.

So, if you are having trouble finding parts to keep your recumbent on the road don’t despair! You shouldn’t have to discard your favorite ride just because you can’t find a replacement part, seat cover, upholstery or a chain idler to keep it running.

Since BikeE, Burley Haluzak, TREK and Vision recumbents went out of production it’s become harder for us to get some of the parts you may need. We try to keep the hard to find parts on hand and in some cases we re-manufacture parts. We also try to keep the hard to find parts that are specific to recumbents on hand like recumbent seat frames, seat covers, seat pads, small seat parts, chain idlers, etc. We also have tires, tubes, chains and etc. for your recumbent if your local shop can’t find them for you.


Here is a list of Recumbent Bike Models we try to stock parts for:




AZUB recumbent parts and accessories



Bacchetta recumbent parts and accessories



CT, AT, RX, FX, E2, NX and RoadE
BikeE recumbent parts and accessories



Koosah, Sand point, Adirondack, Django, Hep Cat, Nasoke, Spider and Limbo
Burley recumbent parts and accessories


Catrike recumbent parts and accessories

Cycle Genius:


Cycle Genius recumbent Seat covers, parts and accessories



Greenspeed recumbent parts and accessories




Horizon and Hybrid Race.


HP Velotechnik:


Hp Velotechnik recumbent parts and accessories



Ice recumbent trike parts and accessories




Lightning recumbent bike parts and accessories




Linear recumbent parts and accessories




RANS recumbent parts and accessories




Sun recumbent parts and accessories




TerraTrike recumbent parts and accessories





TREK R200 recumbent parts and accessories



R-40, R-42, R-45, R-50 and R-80 + R-82.

Vision recumbent bike parts and accessories



We also have a variety of parts and accessories to fit recumbent bikes by Linear, RANS, Bacchetta, Lightning, Easy Racers, Maxarya, Catrike, Cycle-Genius, Challenge, Longbikes, Haluzak, HP Velotechnik, Trek, Vision and Sun.


To order, call Peter at 607-587-8835, 10-6:00 (eastern time), Wed through Saturday. Or you can with your name, email address, and the items you wish to order. I will try to get back to you promptly with prices and availability.

Shop hours are 10:00 through 6:00 (eastern time) Wednesday through Saturday.




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