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Recumbent Companies that went Out of Business


The Bicycle Man carries two major brands of Recumbent Exercise Bikes and will soon carry additional Fitness & Exercise Equipment



Xterra Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike Dealer Spirit Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike Dealer
XTerra (X Terra) Fitness & Spirit Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes


The Bicycle Man is proud to announce that we have the XTerra Fitness SB 540r Stationary Indoor Recumbent Exercise, Fitness & Rehab Bike for sale.


XTerra Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes


Visit our XTerra Fitness SB540r Recumbent Exercise Bike page to learn more about this Premier Line of recumbent fitness bikes - exercise recumbent bikes!


Spirit Fitness Partners with XTerra Fitness for New Exercise & Fitness Equipment Line


Spirit Fitness and XTerra Fitness Partnership Press Release
March 6, 2009

Jonesboro, AR – Spirit Fitness, manufacturer of cardiovascular fitness equipment, has announced an exclusive licensing agreement to manufacture and distribute a line of fitness equipment under the “Xterra Fitness” brand. The new XTerra Fitness line will be composed of an array of treadmills, elliptical trainers and recumbent stationary exercise bikes. 
Spirit Fitness has been the premier developer and manufacturer of the quality cardiovascular exercise equipment to retail home market for over twenty years. The existing product line under the Spirit & Esprit brands includes treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes and is currently sold at specialty fitness, select sporting goods stores and internet retailers. Spirit maintains state of the art manufacturing facilities through their parent company, Dyaco International in Taiwan. Dyaco has evolved into one of the world’s most respected and premier leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of home-use and light commercial fitness equipment in the world.
“Spirit Fitness recognizes the unique market that the XTerra brand will attract” say Todd Udowitch, Vice President of Sales for Spirit Fitness. “Xterra represents a young, aggressive and athletic minded market with demographics that are aligned with consumers buying fitness equipment today” Udowitch added.
This joint venture between Spirit and XTerra is positioned to emphasize a “premier brand” that is partnered with many selling channels which will include big box retailers, sporting goods and internet retailer websites.


There are literally hundreds of trendy "NEW" pieces of exercise & fitness equipment introduced each year; each of them touting their benefits and some of them, unfortunately, over-stating their claims toward health & fitness benefits.


Even in the face of all of these new gadgets claiming to be the "best of the best"; stationary, indoor, recumbent exercise bikes continue to show themselves not only worthy options but desirable options among in home exercise & fitness equipment.


Stationary recumbent fitness bikes offer the same aerobic health & fitness benefits of riding a bicycle. The big difference is that you can ride your recumbent exercise cycle at any time, in any weather, without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home!


Our stationary exercise recumbent bikes don't take up much floor space making them convenient for even a small room, apartment, etc.


A few other benefits of XTerra Fitness SB 540R exercise recumbent bikes



The XTerra Fitness and Spirit Fitness brands are well known and have received a number of high honors and awards in published consumer reviews and reports.


The footprint of the XTerra SB 540R is only 55 inches in length x 28.5 inches in width x 47 inches in height.


Has a very low Step-Over (step through) height at only 2.8" (inches).


Having a low center of gravity and profile the SB 540R requires no particular special balance or skills to enjoy a safe and stable work out.


Whether you are a beginner, a rehab patient or a serious competitor - you can enjoy the health & fitness benefits of your recumbent fitness equipment.


Bonus: You can enjoy your workout ~ rehab (PT) while reading a book, watching TV or the children - and do it in comfort.



And we will likely be offering Spirit Fitness Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bikes and/or exercise & fitness equipment in the future.



Stay tuned for more Spirit Fitness ~ XTerra Fitness Recumbent Exercise Equipment Information




G Force RT ON SALE NOW! - Limited Time Offer


While it may look somewhat similar to other indoor stationary recumbent exercise bikes, the LeMond G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike is unlike any other recumbent exercise bicycle you've seen on the market before!


When it comes to Recumbent Bike Reviews the Bicycle Man in Alfred (a small town in Western New York) is an expert in the recumbent bicycle field. Peter and Dave (G Force Sales Manager) have taken the time to offer a consumer review of the LeMond Fitness G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike which is fast shaping up to be one of the Best Recumbent Exercise Bicycles they have ever had the pleasure to ride.


Man riding the G-Force RT recumbent exercise bicycle
Woman riding the G-Force RT recumbent exercise bike
Overhead view of the G-Force RT recumbent exercise bicycle

Recline, Relax and Recumbent your way

to better health and fitness in the comfort

of your own home!

From Physical Fitness to Physical Therapy ~ The G Force RT recumbent exercise bike is completely adjustable

The G Force RT takes up very little space with a footprint of only:


60 inches Long

48 inches High

29 inches wide

The G-Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike Needs No Electric Source

The G Force RT indoor recumbent exercise bicycle requires no power cords.


No Cords & No Outlets

You can ride it in any room you like!




Unlike upright exercise bikes, the G Force RT (recumbent trainer) recumbent exercise bike positions the bike rider in a reclined sitting position leaning back against the adjustable backrest with the rider's legs outstretched in front opening the hip angle. The exercise bike rider's reclined position is more comfortable when compared to most upright exercise bikes.


The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes


Spirit Fitness Bikes and XTerra Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes and exercise equipment have a long history of positive consumer reviews. The SB540r is a Magnetic Resistance Recumbent exercise bike which is the best resistance system for reliability, smoothness and quietness of operation.


The Belt Driven Fitness Bike offers the quietest and smoothest ride ~ these features combined with



Adjustable Seat for maximum comfort


Extra large blue backlit LCD console display


20 Resistance levels


8 Pre-set, 2 user & 2 heart rate controlled programs


Makes the XTerra Fitness SB540r Recumbent Exercise Bike one of the best recumbent exercise bikes on the market today!



Additionally, consumer reviews say the LeMond Fitness G-Force RT is one of the best buys in recumbent exercise equipment. The G Force exercise bike is comfortable, silent and extremely stable. The G Force uses a belt drive for a very quiet and smooth ride. Owner Peter Stull says the exceptional engineering of the G-Force was evident "right out of the box".


The G-Force RT has 13 different exercise programs from heart rate training workouts to five exclusive programs designed by Greg LeMond. While you're pedaling the bike it is easy to vary the intensity of your workout from 1 to 20 levels, giving you the widest watt range available in the recumbent exercise bike industry (from 23 Watts to over 1400 Watts). Resistance levels can be adjusted as well - the G Force has 16 levels of resistance and boasts numerous workout programs.



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