Why Choose a Recumbent Bike?

They are comfortable!

What comes to your mind when I say “50-mile bike ride”? If its pain in your butt; wrists; neck or back a recumbent is worth trying! Comfort draws most of our customers. That’s what drew Peter the boss to recumbents and he never looked back. 

They are fast!

For some riders speed is the main event. Racing recumbents are faster than traditional diamond frame bikes. A recumbent set a record in France in 1933. Then it was outlawed in 1934. A recumbent holds the record for Race Across America. If you really care about speed a recumbent can be a great choice.

Which Recumbent is right for you?

Which recumbent is the part where our decades of experience come in.  We always have new and used recumbent bikes on hand for you to try.  We are here to help ease you into this world of recumbents by spending the time to guide you through the first wobbly test ride and to help sort out which style is best for you.

Types of Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes come in several styles. Long Wheelbase (LWB) and Short Wheelbase (SWB) and Over Seat Steering (OSS) or Under Seat Steering (USS).

Linear Limo showing underseat Steering
LWB USS Linear Limo

  Long wheelbase bikes tend to sit more upright with the pedals lower than the seat. Their long frames help soak up smaller bumps. We often have beginners test ride a long wheelbase because they feel more like traditional bikes they have ridden. 

Linear Roadster showing Short wheelbase and Over Seat Steering
SWB OSS Linear Roadster

Short wheelbase bikes usually have higher pedals and the seat is more reclined. Their frame is shorter and lighter. They are easier to transport. Many riders feel they climb better. With the pedals higher and seat more reclined they more aerodynamic and a bit faster.

LWB and USS tend to be more comfortable and relaxing. SWB and OSS are sometimes faster.

Over Seat Steering (OSS) or Under Seat Steering (USS)?

Over seat steering bikes have the handlebars above the seat. Because you are sitting up you are not leaning on your hands or wrists. 

Under seat steering handlebars are under the seat and you hold on beside the seat. This keeps your arms very relaxed and is great if you have shoulder, wrist or elbow problems. Sometimes people are nervous trying underseat because it looks different from what they are used to.  They think it’s going to be harder to master.  It’s just different. 

Ride Then Decide!

There are plus and minus factors to all these styles.  That’s why we have 100 for you to test ride. It’s like going to Baskin Robins the first time, you need to try a lot of flavors to find your favorite! You will be surprised how easy it is to learn to ride a recumbent. We have a parking lot and a quiet residential road for you to practice on.  Most people will be riding after a 20 minute “how to” from us.  If you find two-wheel recumbents awkward we have a lot of recumbent trikes you can try.  The best advice is come and try.  Many people drive 2 to 5 hours and spend the day to really give this a chance.  We look forward to helping you get started.