Bicycle Man Recumbent Museum

~1990 Ryan Vanguard

  • Direct descendent of the 1980 Avatar 2000
  • Note "RR" Logo on front - Rolls Royce sued Ryan over this.

1978 Tour Easy

  • The year Gardner Martin started Easy Racers
  • One owner bike, handmade by Gardner
  • With the original Zzipper fairing, the "EZ"

1980 Avatar “2000”

Serial #0024

  • From the first production run beginning 1978
  • This was the first recumbent in Paris-Brest-Paris

1980-1983 Hypercycle

  • Made by Milt Turner
  • The aptly named Hypercycle was more comfy than traditional bikes, but not relaxing to steer

1983 Leitgen Cycles

  • This early one-of-a-kind SWB recumbent was designed by Steve Leitgen after chasing a Tour Easy on RAGBRAI X
  • Steve later co-designed the Linear Recumbents

1983 Linear

  • The First Linear Sold
  • Not Kann & Leitgen Cycles Decals.
  • Owned by conductor Michael Tilson Thomas kept at his Martha's Vineyard summer house.

1983 Roelandt

  • Early 1980's Roelandt
  • Built in Holland
  • Similar to the 1905 English Recumbent
  • Possibly the first mass produced recumbent bike.

1984 Backsafer Prototype

  • Seat Designed at Logan College of Chiropractic Ergonomic Research Center
  • Seat and Frame patented mid-1990's
  • 75 bicycles built in Florida
  • US model led to a cheaper heavier import
  • J & B Cycles licensed the design, ~2005

1986 Linear

  • Made in Guttenberg Iowa by Kann MFG
  • 1 1/4" beam soon changed to 1 1/2" for stiffness
  • These were the first:
  • Production aluminum recumbents
  • First Folding Recumbents
  • First foam bottom/mesh back recumbent seats
  • First seats with an integral pocket

1988 Linear

  • All original components
  • 1 1/2" wide Folding Frame
  • Made in Iowa till 2001

1993 BikeE CT 7 Speed

  • First BikeE Model Year, US Made
  • This Bike was never sold and never ridden
  • BikeE was made from 1993 to 2000

ATP Vision R-40

Ca. 1994

  • The most popular USS bike of the late 1990s
  • Our of business - assets sold on eBay in 2004
  • Shown in the SWB configuration but convertible to LWB

Brass Bent

  • Nicely Executed for a one of a kind bike
  • Does not adjust for rider size or disassemble for shipping!

Crystal Engineering Trice

  • Built in 1992 by Peter Ross in Cornwall, England
  • An early example from Crystal Engineering Trice
  • The Predecessor to ICE Trikes.

DeFelice Recumbent

  • Mid 1980's
  • Made in New Palestine, Indiana
  • By Brian DeFelice of the DeFelice Recumbent Bicycle Co. 1983-19??
  • Original Suntour Components

EZ-1 by Easy Racers

  • One of the originals - Made in the USA
  • Forerunner of the heavier, cheaper, Taiwanese Sun EZ-1

Haluzak Traverse

  • Full Suspension USS Recumbent
  • One of 7 Made

Infinity II

By Ace Tool and Engineering

  • Infinity recumbents made in Mooresville Indiana
  • Some Infinity frames cracked from pedaling forces

Lightning P-38 with USS

  • Made in the late 1980's
  • One of 3 or 4 made with Under Seat Steering

Pre 1986 Linear Prototype

  • First Linear with Under Seat Steering
  • Hand made by Dirk Kann & Steve Leitgen
  • Steve's personal bike, traded for a modern Linear Limo frameset.

Reynolds Weld Lab Nomad

  • Built by George Reynolds
  • 2004 & 2005 WRA 200 meter record holder
  • 2005 WRA Kilometer record holder
  • Reynolds Bikes won 1st & 2nd at 2001 HPRA
  • George raced SWB bikes he designed and built.

Wiz Wheels – Terratrike 2.3

  • Made in Michigan in 1999.
  • The 146th trike TerraTrike made.
  • Now the Largest selling brand of tadpole trikes in the world!