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Sun Recumbent Bike Accessories and Parts


We stock Sun recumbent parts and accessories so you can get the most out of your Sun recumbent. If you need fenders for a Sun recumbent bike or recumbent trike, we have them. A luggage rack for your bike or trike? If Sun has one that fits your Sun model we stock it, if they don’t we may have one of our own. A basket or bag that will fit? We have them too. A mirror, speedometer kickstand or water-bottles you know will fit? Yes. We know they fit because we are the largest Sun recumbent dealer in the Northeast and we often install them on our customers’ bikes.


Sun Bike Basket Sun Recumbent Bike Fairing
Sun Recumbent Bike Fenders Sun Recumbent Bike Wind Trainer - a Stand for for Indoor Exercise
Sun Recumbent Bike Rear Carrier Rack Sun Recumbent Bike Seat Bags
Sun Recumbent Bike Pannier Racks

When you call or email we will need this information about your Sun recumbent:

Bike or trike?

Wheel size, front; rear

Model name, should be written on the frame

Approximate year of manufacture.


Click here to download our Sun Recumbent Bike Accessories List & Compatibility Chart


Sun Bicycles Recumbent Owner's Manuals
Sun 2008 to date owner's manual 1.45Mb For Sun Bicycles 2008 models to date
Sun 2007 & earlier owner’s manual 800Kb For Sun EZ Series 2007 and older


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