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The EZ-Sport is a Chromoly steel LWB designed by Gardner Martin with 20" front and 26" rear wheels. It may sound like an economical, imported Tour Easy. It is not. Gardner told me he deigned it to be "the easiest bike for a novice to get used to" many of our customers think he has succeeded. He gave it a higher seat for better visibility. The higher seat is fine for taller folks but riders under ~5’6” may have trouble reaching the ground when they start and stop. Its weight is higher too, at 40 lb it is about 10 lb heavier than the Tour Easy. For larger riders the40 lb weight may not be a huge issue, and the 300 LB warranty weight is reassuring. It has similar comfort and stability and at less than half the $2450 price of the legendary Tour Easy. If you want to spend ~$400 more, than the EZ-Sport, get high quality components and save some weight take a ride on the 36.5 LB Easy Sport AX. Because it has the same geometry, seat and handlebars it feels and handles very much the same, just lighter and more reliable.

Shorter riders on a budget might want to try one of the Sun EZ-1s, their seats are lower so it is easier for them to start and stop. Shorter riders also might consider the Bacchetta Bellandaire and the RANS Stratus LE. These bikes have lower seats, are still under $1500 and are considerably quicker and more stable than the EZ-1s.

The EZ-Sport’s larger wheels make it a bit quicker and allow it to it roll over bumps more smoothly than the EZ-1 SX and EZ-1 AX with their 16" and 20" wheels. The Sport is also more bulky to store and transport than the smaller EZ-1’s.

If you are not interested in riding fast the EZ Sport is a bike you should try.


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Sun Bicycles Recumbent Owner's Manuals
Sun 2008 to date owner's manual 1.45Mb For Sun Bicycles 2008 models to date
Sun 2007 & earlier owner’s manual 800Kb For Sun EZ Series 2007 and older



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