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Bicycling Health & Fitness Benefits to Men's Health and Women's Health


Let me preface my comments here by saying this, "I am not a doctor, nor am I a physical therapist."


That being said, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the health benefits of regular physical activity regardless of whether it is bicycling, recumbent cycling or another activity. Under the care and supervision of a doctor or someone in the field of occupational therapy or physical therapy the as benefits of an exercise program are far-reaching.


Exercise reduces risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases; and improves quality of life for people of all ages. Additionally, regular exercise provides a myriad of health benefits for both men's health and women's health including a more positive mental outlook and increased energy levels.


A lot of people tend to think of exercise as a strenuous workout rather than an enjoyable physical activity. Increased physical activity doesn't need to be overly strenuous for an individual to reap significant health benefits. Even small increases from little or no activity to light or moderate activity - say, riding your bike for 30 minutes a day, will produce measurable benefits.


Exercise doesn't have to be a chore - in fact, the view can be quite pleasant.



Scenic view from a recumbent bike ride in Allegany County

View from a typical Recumbent Exercise Bike


Bicycling health and fitness benefits can be far reaching whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or exercising in the comfort of your own home with our stationary indoor recumbent exercise bike - the G Force RT by LeMond Fitness


Indoor - Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bikes


Indoor Exercise, PT and Health & Fitness is possible with a G-Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike

View from Our Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bikes


If your circumstances prevent you from riding your bike outdoors - don't let that stop you from enjoying the health benefits of recumbent cycling. You can still achieve the desired health and fitness benefits of cycling with an indoor stationary recumbent exercise bike.


The Bicycle Man carries Some of the Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes.


XTerra Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes

LeMond Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes


Dave, our Recumbent Exercise Bike Sales Manager, and his wife have been riding the exercise bikes for some time now and enjoy the convenience of being able to ride this indoor - stationary recumbent bike whenever they want - in the comfort of their own home - regardless of the weather.


You can visit our Recumbent Exercise Bike pages to learn more about our stationary recumbent exercise bike.



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Health & Fitness Benefits


Here's a sample calorie chart showing the number of calories burned during various physical activities.

Chart of Calories Burned
Activity (1 hour) 130lbs 155lbs 190lbs 225lbs
Aerobics, general, low impact 354 422 518 621
Aerobics, high impact 413 493 604 715
Basketball, game 472 563 690 837
Bicycling, 10-11.9 mph, light effort 354 422 518 593
Bicycling, 12-13.9 mph, moderate effort 472 563 690 891
Bicycling, 14-15.9 mph, vigorous effort 590 704 863 1080
Bicycling, 16-19 mph, fast, racing 708 844 1035 1220
Bicycling, >20 mph, very fast, racing 944 1126 1380 1540
Bicycling, BMX or mountain 502 598 733 864
Running, 6 mph (10 min mile) 590 704 863 1026
Running, 10.9 mph (5.5 min mile) 1062 1267 1553 1836
Walking, 2.0 mph, slow pace 148 176 218 284
Walking, 3.0 mph, moderate pace, walking dog 207 246 343 445
Walking, 4.0 mph, very brisk pace 236 281 402 526


Health Facts:

National Center for Health Statistics states results from the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estimated 66 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese.

Centers for Disease Control found that "obesity and overweight are linked to the nation's number one killer--heart disease--as well as diabetes and other chronic conditions." A 1999 report also states that one reason for Americans' sedentary lifestyle is that "walking and cycling have been replaced by automobile travel for all but the shortest distances." (October 27, 1999 issue of the JAMA)

Stop in to see us and test ride our bikes and see what we are so excited about!


We care about you - Consult your physician if you plan to begin an exercise regimen.



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