Shipping a Recumbent Trike To You.

I thought people out there in internet land might like to see how we ship a recumbent trike to you.

We had special boxes made to ship the trikes via 18-wheeler. They are too big to ship fully assembled via UPS or FEDEX. Then we get your measurements and set the “boom” length to your x-seam and size the chain length correctly. We usually leave the chain slightly long for final adjustment when it arrives at your door. Always easier to take away than to add length.

The way you check it’s in the ballpark is to sit in the trike, lock your leg out straight, have one pedal as far away as possible and move the boom until the heel of your shoe just brushes the pedal. To check the chain length, shift into the biggest ring in the front and the smallest in the rear. That’s the hardest/highest gear. Look at the rear derailleur. The two cog wheels should be right above each other with a Shimano derailleur. For a Sram derailleur, look to see if the bottom cog is slightly behind the top cog.

The cost of shipping a trike is usually between $500-$600 currently.  We make zero money on shipping and don’t charge labor which can be over an hour. The good news is that if it’s shipped out of state there usually is no sales tax. You also avoid traveling time and motel fees.

 Some companies do not allow us to ship new trikes to customers. All used recumbent trikes are fine to ship nation-wide.

It’s always best to come here to try first before you buy. That said, we feel confident that we can fit a trike to you by asking the right questions and having you supply some basic measurements. Don’t let living far from a recumbent shop keep you from riding what you want.

February 9, 2024 |