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LeMond Fitness G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike Consumer & Professional Reviews. Consumers and Professionals offer feedback and product reviews of the G-Force RT Stationary Indoor Recumbent Fitness Bike / Recumbent Exercise Bike.


LeMond Fitness G-Force RT (Recumbent Trainer)


LeMond Fitness G-Force RT (Recumbent Trainer) Recumbent Exercise Bikes


The Bicycleman no longer carry the Xterra Fitness Stationary Bikes.  We have left this page here for information only.



Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews - Consumer and Professional Exercise Bike Reviews for the LeMond Fitness G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike

LeMond Fitness G-Force RT

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews


Consumer Reviews for the G Force Recumbent Exercise Bike are from the Bicycle Man's G-Force sales manager, Dave, who used the G Force RT low impact resistance settings as a recumbent fitness bike to augment his health & fitness and at home physical therapy programs.


Digital G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike Features


"I was very surprised at how smooth and quiet the G Force RT is.


Regardless of the resistance level or the cadence the G-Force was:



a great fitness, exercise and physical therapy recumbent exercise bike


extremely stable


amazingly smooth & quiet


completely adjustable on the fly (while riding)


remarkably comfortable


cordless put it in any room


excellent workout data display


personal training software was very helpful for me to measure my progress and success with quantifiable data


WKO Lite Personal Training Software helps you track your workouts and measure your results


I very much enjoyed the heads up display on the console. Heart Rate, Cadence (RPMs), Distance Traveled, Time and Workout Progress were all very easy to read while riding. This bike was a great addition to my in-home physical therapy regimen."


His wife, Cathy, used the G-Force and reviewed the bike for its health and fitness benefits and both are enjoyed the convenience of exercising on this indoor stationary recumbent exercise bike.


"I really enjoyed using the G Force RT!



weather doesn't matter because an indoor bike makes it possible to exercise rain, shine or snow (where we live)


easy to adjust - no tools needed so I had no problem finding the best seat position, angle and leg length to be comfortable

G-Force RT Heads Up Display Console


It was neat to be able to see your progress, heart rate, mph and everything on the display while you ride.


And I especially enjoyed being able to adjust it for my personal comfort AND workout level whenever I wanted."


Local physician, Andrew Call, had this to say about the G Force RT


G-Force RT is a Great Bike

"It's a great bike!



Well Built


Easy for the whole family to use, including the kids


Flexibility of workout


Workout options seem to be able to be adjusted for fitness, safety, and overall enjoyment


Unobtrusive and attractive


Cordless -- you can put it anywhere!

I would recommend it to my patients looking for a piece of home exercise equipment like those found in a professional gym."


Andrew L. Call, MD
Family Medicine
Alfred, NY



And the Bicycle Man himself had this to say about the G-Force RT:

G-Force RT exceptional engineering and design


"It was obvious right out of the box that the engineering of this bike was exceptional. Very sleek with a modern look and appeal partnered with solid construction puts the G-Force RT in a class of its own.



very well designed


very well manufactured


built to last


belt drive is so much quieter & smoother


great for recumbent racers & riders in the off season for training and enjoyment


there's a workout level for everyone from beginners to pros


Cordless - off the grid so you can workout in a blackout!

Over the years we have fitted recumbent bikes and trikes for riders from 4' to 6'8" tall and up to 400 lbs. Riders from age 9 to 90 have found them comfy for both exercise and transportation.


Exercise is important if you are at the peak of your health

and even more important if your health peaked quite a while ago.


When we met some of our customers they were recovering from:

  • multiple hip and knee replacements,

  • spinal fusions,

  • prostate surgery,

  • accidents

  • and cardiovascular episodes

A recumbent bike is working for them, and it may work for you.


We have customers who successfully ride in spite of nerve disorders, balance ailments, MS, ALS and Parkinson's. Some are racers, fitness buffs & commuters. Others are reformed couch potatoes, dieters and other folks are just out of cardiac & post-operative rehab.


So if your problem is a sore butt, neck, wrists or back but you still love to ride I suggest you try riding in comfort!


Who says a bike that is just plain fun has to be uncomfortable?"




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