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Longbikes Eliminator Recumbent Bicycle


Longbikes Eliminator

Single Eliminator


In 2005 Longbikes introduced their Short Wheel Base (SWB) - Under Seat Steering (USS) Single Eliminators! Always a standout among high quality rugged short-wheel-base (SWB) under-seat-steering (USS) recumbents the stout frame on the Eliminator gains an adjustable pedal boom and new chain idler with easily replaceable sprockets. It is makes it stiff, stable and warranted for riders up to 300 lb. The new adjustable pedal boom works with the adjustable seat allowing optimal weight distribution loaded or unloaded. Move the seat and pedals a bit to the rear when not carrying large loads; forward for touring with a load. Moving the pedal boom to center your weight requires changing the length of the front chain so you won’t do it often.


Longbikes Eliminator recumbent bike

2005 Eliminator



Features and Options:

Chain management:

The 3 chains on this bike keep chain noise to a minimum. The front chain tension is adjusted by moving the pedal boom slightly. The center chain is adjusted with an eccentric. The rear chain which does all the shifting is similar in length to a traditional bike to keep chain weight near what Shimano designed for helping the rear derailleur work like it should to give you crisp shifting. On the other hand the Slipstream shifts well too.

The crank set has a single 32 tooth chain ring. Behind that, near the headset there is a pair of adjustable idler sprockets to raise the chain above the fork and create shorter manageable lengths of chain, rather than one really long chain. Under the seat there is a spider that carries four chain rings. The spider is driven by a chain form the inner of the pair of chain rings. All the “front” derailleur is here under the seat. It shifts well but like on our RANS Screamer tandem I sometimes miss being able to see it shift.
It is complicated, but it works well.


Custom Components:

Longbikes has their our own custom recumbent crank set made, chain rings too. The chain idlers, frame and seat hardware are made in Colorado by Longbikes. They are beautifully designed and finished, as Longbikes is famous for.


Longbikes standard "Hip Hinge" seat provides for independent adjustment of seat tilt and back recline. Seat bottom rotates on the seat mount for tilt adjustment. This allows you to set a posterior tilt to prevent you from sliding out without causing so much back recline that you strain your neck. The four incremental adjustment positions allow a seat to back angle of 95-115 degrees in 5 degree increments to fine tune the back position as well. A pair of adjustable struts provide support between the frame and the seat assembly.


Longbikes doesn’t like wimpy components. Their dovetail seat rail and mating mount are examples of their attitude toward design. Not light duty parts, they won’t slip . More work on their part, but Longbikes design philosophy usually doesn’t do things the easy way!


Eliminator Specifications:

Frame: 4130 Tube, 2" Diameter Main, Triangulated Frame, Fixed Length Boom. Bolt on rear triangle with removable drop-outs.
Wheel Base 53.5"
X-Seam Range
Seat Height 25"
Bottom Bracket Height 27"
Fork 1" Threaded, Chromoly
Head Set 1" Alloy, threaded
Seat Two piece Hip-Hinged, Aluminum tube frame, full mesh.
Steering Indirect Underseat
Handle Bar 7/8" 6061-T6 Aluminum Tube
Bar Ends 2 axis adjustable for perfect hand/arm positioning
Front Wheel Sun Cr-18 406
Rear Wheel Sun Cr-18 26"
Front Hub Shimano XT
Rear Hub Shimano XT
Front Brake Avid Mechanical Disc
Rear Brake Avid Mechanical Disc
Brake Levers Avid Speed Dial 7
Shifters Shimano Dura-Ace Bar Con's
Front Derailleur Shimano 105
Rear Derailleur Shimano XT
Crank Set Longbikes 3 Piece Billet 170mm w/single 30% Chain Ring
Pedals SPD Compatible
Idler Longbikes dual 13 tooth
Triple Chain Ring Shimano 105 30/42/52 on Longbikes Spider
Bottom Bracket (Front) Shimano UN52 73/118 in Longbikes Eccentric
Bottom Bracket Shimano UN52 73/118
Chain Shimano HG72
Cassette Shimano LX 9 speed 11-32
Front Tire Kenda Kwest Recumbent 100 psi 1.5 * 20" (406)
Rear Tire Kenda Kwest Recumbent 100 psi 1.5 * 26"
Paint Bright Chrome Yellow with clear coat & top mount decals



Another SWB - USS Option:

If you are looking for a light, SWB with USS that won’t break your budget take a look at the new Linear Roadster.


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