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The largest selection of recumbent bikes in the north east.

A wide variety of Recumbent Bikes and Recumbent Trikes In Stock and Ready for Test Riding at the new Bicycle Man Bike Shop!

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We always have 60 to 100 recumbent bikes and trikes in stock, from about 20 brands. They are ready for you to test ride and available for purchase. We stock all types of recumbents: short wheel base (SWB), long wheel base (LWB), over seat steering (OSS) and under seat steering (USS) recumbents. We have recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes and tandem recumbents too. Come try recumbent bikes from Azub, Bacchetta, Cycle Genius, Easy Racers, HP Velotechnik, Lightning, Linear, Longbikes, Maxarya, Optima, RANS, Sun and Volae all in one place. You can also test ride and purchase recumbent trikes from Catrike, Greenspeed, Hase, KMX, Ice-Trice, WizWheelz-Terratrike & Sun here too. Recumbent tandems? We typically have RANS; Sun and maybe Longbikes recumbent tandems.


And once you find your favorite you can typically take it home with you that day. If you want a custom bike we can set up one to meet your needs and you can stop back to pick it up or we can ship many brands to you. If there is a particular brand or model you are interested in we recommend you call before you visit to check our current inventory. Some of these bikes can take months to order. We have 60+ recumbents in stock all winter and are open regular hours. Test riding can be limited by weather and road conditions, especially salty wet roads. Please call before you drive for test riding in the winter.


Wishing you were here? Come test ride your next recumbent bike - trike at the Bicycle Man!




Looking for a recumbent bike dealer with years of recumbent bicycle knowledge and experience? Looking for objective recumbent bike reviews?


The Bicycle Man in Alfred, New York has the largest selection of 'bents in the Northeast.


At the Bicycle Man in Alfred, New York we feel it is incumbent upon us to maintain the largest selection of recumbent bikes in all of New York and New England. That’s why we keep 70 recumbents in stock from some of the world's best recumbent bike manufacturers so you can test ride them and compare and contrast their features and benefits until you find the best recumbent bike for you.


Without test riding recumbent bikes from several recumbent manufacturers you may end up buying someone else's favorite bike! If you were serious about finding your favorite ice-cream flavor would you limit yourself to researching on the Internet? No, I hope you would go to Baskin Robbins and lick some cones!

Team Wishbone and the Bicycle Man win the Super Sport Class at HPRA in 2001

Can’t come for a test ride? We recommend you get to a recumbent bike shop that has a dozen or more recumbents in stock and test ride them for a day or two. If you can’t test ride at a recumbent shop or call 607-587-8835 and ask for me, Peter. I can help you pick a bike that suits you, your budget and your riding style and we can ship it to you. I have personally ridden thousands of miles on dozens of different recumbents, day trips, group rides, club rides, big hills, around town errands, even several century rides. In 2001 I got lucky and won the super-stock class at the HPRA North American Championships in Montreal. I can help you try to pick a bike that will meet your needs without breaking your budget. Test riding is still the absolute best way to find a bike you love.

We typically have 60 to 100 new and used recumbent bikes and trikes in stock, including 50 to 70 different models priced from $750 to $4000. We stock all kinds of recumbents: beginner bikes, low racers, touring bikes, high racers, folding bents, recumbent tandems, recumbent delta and tadpole trikes. We have recumbents made from chrome-molly, aluminum and sometimes titanium or carbon fiber. We have recumbents manufactured in New York, Kansas, Colorado, California, Florida, Canada, Australia, Holland, Germany, Czechoslovakia and of course Taiwan.


We sometimes have used and demo 'bents on sale too, check our recumbent specials page. We recommend that you ride several bents before you decide on one for your own. Try more than one type, from more than one company. If possible, we encourage extensive test rides of ten miles (or more).


The Bicycle Man has 60 to 100 recumbent bikes and trikes for sale, in stock and ready for you to test ride.

ready for test riding at the new building!


We have SWB, CLWB, LWB, OSS & USS, suspended (with suspension), rigid, folding, tandem and tricycle recumbents in stock. Customers often drive over 200 miles to test ride our 'bents. We think you should get a bike that is just perfect for you, your riding and your budget. If you want to test ride for 2 or more days there are several nice motels, B&Bs and campgrounds nearby. You will find them listed on our local info page. We enjoy taking the time to fit our customers to the right recumbent and have therefore made a considerable commitment to recumbent inventory. Feel free to test ride a wide variety here before making your decision.


We also have Recumbent Bike Accessories to make your riding experience more comfortable.



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Not sure what all these recumbent terms mean? Check our glossary and our Frequently Asked Questions about Recumbents (FAQ) page!


Recumbent Bike Accessories


We also have Recumbent Bike Accessories to make your riding experience more comfortable.



Indoor Recumbent Fitness Bikes


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