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Many of the Sun recumbent bikes and one of their recumbent trikes were designed by Gardner Martin of Easy Racers fame. Manufactured in Taiwan they are some of the least expensive recumbent bicycles available. Most first time recumbent riders find them very comfortable and easy to get used to. They are among our favorite bikes for first time recumbent test rides because most riders find them easy to get used to. Most riders like the large Sun seat base, especially large riders. The Sun seat quickly adjusts without tools for riders from about 5' to 4' to about 6'3". Riders under about 5’6” may have trouble reaching the ground from the seat unless they have longer legs. The seat back recline is also pretty easy to adjust. The seat base can adjust forward and back a bit (relative to the seat back) this requires an Allen wrench. All the Sun recumbent bikes have OSS handlebars that look a bit like the bars on a Harley chopper. The bars can be adjusted with a 6 mm Allen wrench to accommodate different riders sizes and preferences. The handlebar stem needs to be kept tightly clamped on the handlebars.

We have an assortment of reasonably priced accessories to fit the Sun bikes and trikes: fenders, a rear luggage rack, under seat pannier rack, seat back bag, kickstands rear view mirrors and speedometers. The two wheeled Sun recumbents fit on many auto racks; we have a versatile auto rack for about $60 that with a little ingenuity will carry one or two Sun recumbent bikes on most cars.

Two of the Sun trikes have handlebars under the seats. Some riders prefer this relaxing position. These two bikes, the EZ-3 USX and EZ-Tadpole were not designed by Gardner. The Sun recumbent trikes are great for riders who cannot ride a regular bike. We have several customers who thought they could not ride anymore due to an injury or medical condition who are very happy on their Sun recumbent trike.
The Sun bikes are not performance bikes; their bikes weigh between 35 and 40 lb. and their trikes The Sun trikes weigh between 52 and 65 lb. and are slower than the Sun bikes. If you are not looking for a fast bike they sure are comfy cruisers and make great first recumbents.

As always we recommend extensive test riding of recumbents from many brands as the best way to find your favorite. We encourage you to support dealers who offer you test rides if there is one in your area.


We also have Sun Recumbent Bike Accessories and Parts


Sun Bicycles Recumbent Owner's Manuals
Sun 2008 to date owner's manual 1.45Mb For Sun Bicycles 2008 models to date
Sun 2007 & earlier owner’s manual 800KB For Sun EZ Series 2007 and older
Sun/Easy Racer's 2009 Owner's Manual 500KB For Sun Easy Racer's
Sun Recumbent Manual 1.45MB for Sun Recumbent's
Sun Seeker EZ-3 USX HD Manual 1.55MB for Sun EZ-3 USX HD


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