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My wife & I love recumbent tandems. They allow us to have quality time together while we both get a great workout. My job is to help you find the bike that is best for you (& yours.) It takes time but that's my job. Some recumbent tandems can be disassembled and carried as airline luggage. For others some you will need to purchase an optional disassemble-able frame, some will have to stay home when you fly. Taking a tandem on an airline flight may sound like an odd desire, but it makes the neatest trips possible, like a one-way coast to coast tour. I love getting the "success" emails a month or two after the sale.


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RANS Screamer Tandem Recumbent Bikes

Rans Screamer

High performance & comfort at a reasonable price.

Sun EZ Tandem Recumbent Bikes

Sun EZ Tandem

Comfy, stable, easy to ride & most affordable (but not fast.)

Longbikes Tandem Recumbent Bikes

Longbikes Eliminator

Handles like a Screamer with USS





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