2019 Smoky Mountain Recumbent Bike and Trike Rally. I had a great time!

I drove 750 miles to the 2019 Smoky Mountain Recumbent Rally. When I arrived I found good people, beautiful scenery and fantastic rides. It was well worth the drive!

On the morning ride I took an Avenue Trike with 24 speeds. This gave me plenty of gearing for the moderate terrain we traveled. The route was mostly back roads and bike paths. Often by a quiet river, it was lovely and great to be with such a group of recumbent bike and trike riders! 

In the afternoon I rode a Linear “Airliner” recumbent bike. The Airliner is is a full size recumbent bike that packs into airline acceptable luggage for travel. Because of this I was able to fit it in the front seat of my Prius with room for a foldable Linear Limo and an Avenue Trike in the back.

The afternoon ride took us along a babbling brook in the park. As a result the water played background music as we wound our way into the park and rolled back out! Loved it! In the evening I had dinner with new friends at local restaurant. After that I slept well!

It was a great time, I hope to do it again next year and recommend this rally to all riders! 

May 29, 2019 |