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Catrike makes 6 models of Recumbent Tadpole Trikes and they are all Made in the USA. The Catrike trikes are some of the best values around. From the easy-to-get-used-to "Villager" 27 speed up to their low-slung, high-performance "700”; they all excel at the type of riding each was designed for. The Catrike integrated seat/frame design makes them lighter than their competitors. I’m pretty sure all the Catrike models are more than 2 lb lighter than other trikes in their price range. Their design also eliminates the possibility of folding them for transport and makes them more rigid than some other recumbent trikes, you may notice bumps more on a Cat. One after another of the Catrike models have won the prestigious BROL trike of the year award in 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007, 2008 and 2011! We have been a Catrike Gold level dealer for several years now and in 2008 Catrike told us we were the third largest Catrike dealer in the world, so we are pretty familiar with them (even if this web page is a bit out of date when you read it!)


Come to Bicycle Man and try a wide variety of Catrike and other recumbent trikes!


One of the things I like about Catrike is that they stick to their strengths. Paulo Camasmie designs simple, light, responsive, aluminum trikes. Then he designs his own tooling and builds them efficiently in his own Florida factory. He doesn’t build a prototype here and then import his production models. Because of this all Catrike trikes have several similarities:


  1. They all have aluminum frames designed, cut, formed, machined, welded, heat-treated and painted in Florida. American manufacturing can compete when you have an inspired designer and are willing to put the effort into it.

  2. All are Tadpole trikes with two front wheels and one rear wheel.

  3. Because Catrike seat frames are a welded part of the frame, no Catrikes are foldable for transport and, as of 2012, only the Villager, Trail and Road have adjustable seat recline.

  4. All Catrikes are similarly light, from 29 to 38 lb.

  5. All Catrikes have direct steering.

  6. All Catrikes have mechanical disk brakes, one on each front wheel.

  7. All Catrikes have 27 or 30 speeds with front and rear derailleurs.

  8. All Catrikes have little or no brake-steer, less than some other trikes.

  9. All Catrikes have slight pedal steer, more than some other trikes.

  10. All Catrikes are the lightest and among the most reliable in their price range.

I like the way the Catrike line demonstrates that US producers can compete with Taiwanese imports, at least in a niche market.


Catrike Recumbent Trikes are Made in America

Catrikes Made in the US

Apparently other recumbent enthusiasts like them too, a Catrike was voted 'BentRider Trike of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2011.

Here are a few things you might not like about Catrikes:


  1. They don’t fold. If you need folding check the Ice Adventure or Sprint; Greenspeed Magnum or HP Velo Gekko or Scorpion.

  2. They are pretty rigid, you may feel road bumps a bit more than on some other trikes. The 2012 Catrike Road has rear suspension and rides much smoother than other Catrikes. The Road is lighter than any other suspended trike I know of.

  3. I’m 6’2” with a long torso; I sometimes find the seat backs to be a bit low.

  4. At 20+ MPH a Catrike will steer better when you relax your arms. If you are tense the steering can be touchy. It takes very little input to steer a direct steer trike like a Catrike. When I’m relaxed they steer by just thinking about it. A sneeze at high speed could be exciting… I find the steering on the longer wheelbase Catrike 700 and Expedition more relaxing at higher speeds.

  5. In my opinion twist-shifters detract from the Pocket, Villager, Trail & Road. If you don’t like them either they are replaceable.


I don’t like twist shifters much on USS (Under Seat Steering) recumbents. Twist shifters are designed for mountain bikes where you operate it with your stronger index and middle fingers. On a USS recumbent trike or bike with vertical handlebars you shift with your less robust pinky and ring fingers. On a direct steer trike it can take some practice to twist the shifter without turning the whole trike. We have had several customers find their hand strength is not up to the twisters who switched to bar end shifters. Twist shifters do leave the top end of the handlebar available to mount a rear view mirror. I think this is the nicest place to mount a mirror on most trikes (though the Greenspeed mirror mount is excellent too.)

If you don’t want twist shifters we can install Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters and a Shimano LX rear derailleur on a new Catrike Villager, Trail, Pocket or Road, typically for $195. Bar end shifters are standard equipment on the Catrike Expedition & 700.

The chain tubes are held in place with steel band clamps and have been known to slip. Putting a piece of inner tube as a friction inducing shim is easy and works well.

All Catrikes come with 165 mm crank arms which I think is a good idea for most riders.

Catrike won the 'BentRider Trike of the Year award in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011, they must be doing something right!

Stop in for a test ride, we always have a variety of Catrikes in stock so you can try before you buy.

Catrike Recumbent Tadpole Trikes from the Bicycle Man ~ the State's Largest selection of Recumbent tricycles (trikes) from Catrike including; Catrike 700, Catrike Expedition, Catrike Pocket, Catrike Road and the Catrike Trail in stock and available to test ride.

In our experience Catrike trikes have been more reliable than average and they have always honored their warranty without a hassle.

Catrike Owner's Manual for the 700, Expedition, Pocket, Road, Speed & Trail (pdf 2.95Mb)



Peter visited the Catrike factory in March of 2005 and Paulo Camasmie - (Owner of Catrike Recumbent Trikes) took a Linear Recumbent on a test ride




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