Easy Racer Ti Rush Recumbent Bike

Easy Racer Ti Rush
Carl enjoying his 27 lb TI Rush with carbon forks
Message from the Easy Racers Facebook page dated October 23, 2021
Hi folks !
Been a while , the world has gone crazy , but Easyracers is still alive , not well , but alive , I am essentially a one man show , at the moment , took 6months to clear out of the factory … big task !
I still have ambition to get someone partner with , and get these incredible bikes , made in America , however It’s Apparant that it’s virtually impossible to do in California , I am in the process of trying to find partners in Oregon , perhaps if anyone knows a young frame builder , I think we can once again make a lot of people happy w one of the worlds best bicycles … so please message me if you know someone in the industry looking for a great opportunity . Stay tuned ! Thanks for our loyal and very patient customers . Denton Coetzee

Easy Racers ceased regular production in 2015.
We hope they come back but that may be optimistic.
Currently their bikes and some parts are unavailable.
We have Easy Racers front forks, chrome, 1” and 1 1/8”, Easy Racer Forks and a few other proprietary parts.
Seats are not available and do wear out or break.
Chains, tires, brakes, gearing, wheels, are available.

Easy Racers TI Rush Recumbent Bicycle

The most exotic model from Easy Racers is the titanium frame TI Rush. The TI Rush takes Gardiner Martin’s relaxed geometry from the Gold Rush Replica, adds the “magic” (and expense) of titanium and tops it off with Shimano XTR, Dura Ace and Ultegra top of the line components.

Its titanium frame absorbs road vibration making the TI rush very comfy. TI is also more impact, corrosion, and fatigue resistant than other bike frame materials. Your TI Rush will be with you for a long, long time.

About as fast as the Gold Rush Replica, a touch lighter and a bit smoother on bumps, this is an excellent bike for day trips and tours. It is not the fastest Easy Racers bike, the Javelin takes that honor. But many riders find the low BB and confidence inspiring stability of Gardner Martin’s Easy Racers geometry much more relaxing and more comfortable for all day rides.

For 2007, Easy Racers has done away with the two pulley chain idler and in its place installed a lighter, slightly quieter, no maintenance chain tube. There is also a newly available carbon fork and adjustable handlebar/stem to take over a pound more of your dream bike. In the S&S configuration the Ti Rush can be disassembled for airline transportation. This bike is for the connoisseur, the discriminating Easy Racer fan who wants the very best, and can afford its $5000+ price.

We may have some used Easy Racers recumbents here:

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