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Greenspeed GTO Recumbent Tricycles

The GTO was Greenspeed’s best selling model till the less expensive GT-3 and GT-5 came out. The GTO is a versatile full-size trike with 3 20” (406) wheels. With its S&S couplings, it can be disassembled and packed into two suitcases. Designed to be taken on an airline as baggage it does not fit in a car trunk as quick and easily as the GT-3. To fold the GTO you take off the seat by removing one screw at the front and two at the rear of the seat. Then disassemble the frame with a single S&S coupling (S&S tool is included with trike). The GTO and GT-3 & GT-5 frames are made in Taiwan, another way they save you money.

The GTO high back seat has a 40-degree recline. It is their highest seat angle; casual riders often find it is the most comfortable. This upright angle puts more weight on your but and may cause some discomfort on longer rides. It’s dropped frame lowers your center of gravity for sporty cornering but still gives four inches of ground clearance, more than many other trikes. I find 4” clearance to be enough for most dirt roads.

The GTO is a versatile design based on a prototype Paul Simms used in 1999 for practical Human Powered Vehicle competitions at HPV races in Australia. The practical races include road races, criteriums, drag races, slaloms, sprints, a hill climb, a shopping race, and an off-road race. The winner must use the same machine for ALL events.

The Greenspeed GTO Touring Trike is suitable for most types of riding

Touring, (even on vacations overseas) everyday commuting and fitness riding. It will disassemble and fit in luggage for airline travel. It requires about ¼ hour to disassemble or reassemble for transport in a car. Packing for airline travel takes longer. The GT-3, GT-5, and GT-X fold to fit in a car in ~30 seconds. Don’t believe it? Stop in and time me!

Greenspeed GTO Specs:

Track width 31.5″ (800 mm)
Width 34.6″ (880 mm)
Wheelbase 38.4″ (975 mm)
Length 71.5″ (182 cm)
Height 27.6″ (700 mm)
Turning circle 14′ 11″ (453cm)
Seat Angle 40 degrees
Seat Height 11″ (28 cm)
Ground clearance 5″ (120 mm)
Wheels 20″ x 1.75″ (406) alloy rims
Spokes DT stainless steel
Tyres Tioga “Comp Pool” 90 psi slicks
Brakes Sunrace/Sturmey Archer Drums
Gears 81 speed – SRAM 3×9 + triple crank
Crank Shimano 105 52/42/30
Rear Cluster SRAM  11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 34.
Hub ratios 0.734, 1, 1.362
Gear Range 13 to 125 inches
Frame Cro Mo 4130 tubing
X-seam range STD 42.5-49″ LG 45-51.5″, SM 39-45″, XSM 34.5-40.5″
Steering Centre point Ackermann with inclined handle bars.
Weight 38.5lbs (17.5kg)
Standard fittings S&S Coupling, Rear fender, Rack, Mirror, Safety Flag
Base Price $4,250 US
Note – specifications are subject to change

Greenspeed GTO Options:

Magura hydraulic disc brakes $450
Hope hydraulic disc brakes $675
Gore-tex Ride-on Cables $70
Rear Suspension $750
Rohloff 14 speed internal gear hub (w/ external cable box) $1,015
Schlumpf Drive 2 speed crankset – extra wide gear range $375
Shimano Ultegra/XT upgrade $225
Heavy duty removable Cro Mo luggage rack (cap. 88lbs) $90
Heavy duty frame (1 lb extra) N.C.
20″ x 1.125″ wheels (save 2 lb) $160
Titanium spokes $565
Front fenders with mudflaps and reflectors $130
Head Rest (fully adjustable) $120
Busch & Muller Halogen 6v dynamo lighting set $260
Busch & Muller Halogen 12v dynamo lighting set $475
Arkel T-42 pannier bags
Arkel RT-60 Recumbent style pannier bags
Grab Handles (used to get in and out of the trike) $75
Sigma BC 800 Cycle computer (8 functions) fitted $56
Sigma BC 1600 Cycle computer (16 functions) fitted $72
Cadence Kit for BC 1600 – fitted $26
2nd Mirror $30
Mirror-spedo-front light mount (like a handle bar) $16
GTO frame tube protectors (for travel protection) $100
Topeak Combination Pump $45

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