New Catrike Eola Has Arrived!

The new Catrike Eola has arrived at the shop!

The new Eola is Catrikes lowest price trike available, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking features.

Featuring a simple 11 speed drivetrain, the Eola has a gear inch range of 18.7 to 71.3.


When compared to the competition this stacks up very well:

Rambler N380 22-83 Gear Inches

Rambler 16 27-106 Gear Inches (Double Front Chainrings)

Rambler 30 18-93 Gear Inches (Triple Front Chainrings)


Weighing in at 33lbs this trike is also among the lighter weight trikes available, making it a good option for someone who needs to lift it regularly.

The Eola has a very similar riding position to the Pocket but is a little wider and a little longer.

Compare some of the similar specs below

Eola Pocket
Seat Angle 41° 41°
Seat Height 9.5″ 9″
BB Height 14.5″ 15″
Seat Width 14″ 14″