Rans Screamer Sport Recumbent Tandem

Rans Screamer Sport
Rans Screamer Sport
The Screamer Sport went out of production in 2007 and were out of inventory in 2008.

RANS still makes the Screamer and Screamer TR. The Screamer Sport used the same frame and seats as the Screamer recumbent tandem. We find these bikes ride quite similarly, they all ride great in our opinion.

The less expensive Screamer Sport’s components weren’t as nice as the Screamer but it still shifted and braked well. The Screamer and Screamer Sport both are pretty good on hill climbing (for a recumbent tandem) and their high-speed stability and control are good in our opinion.

RANS Screamer Sport Tandem Recumbent Bicycle

We think all the Screamers are the highest performance, best climbing, most comfortable & most stable recumbent tandems we have ridden. (The Longbikes Eliminator tandem is a very close second. A captain who prefers USS will likely prefer the Longbikes Eliminator tandem for the best upper body comfort.)

The Screamers all use identical RANS seats; their comfort is excellent.

If the front rider is tall, the Screamer and Screamer TR are available in XL versions; the Screamer Sport was not. At 6’2 I am about the tallest captain to fit the standard size. When the front is adjusted for me (6’3″ & quite a bit of recline) Linda, my wife and stoker, is close to hitting her toes or shins on the back of my seat. A seat bag on the front seat would interfere with her knees.

Stokers viewpoint:

Linda, my wife likes all the Screamers. We have tried them all. She says they all feel the same from the back seat. She prefers the Screamer XXL because we don’t have to fine tune our seat positions to give me leg extension without her knees hitting my seat.

Linda also likes the Longbikes Jetstream and prefers the RANS seat on it. She does not like the Vision R-82 and R-85 recumbent tandems quite as much because we are farther apart and it can be a bit harder to talk. She likes the Vision seat and pedal position.