Bacchetta Corsa Recumbent Bike

Bacchetta Corsa Orange
The Bacchetta Corsa Recumbent Bike

The Bacchetta Corsa got a new aluminum frame in 2005. It also gained an option of dual 650c or 700c wheels. The new version lost almost 2 lb bringing the bike’s weight down to 24 lb on our digital scale. Although the component quality dropped some from the 2004 ultegra spec, it is fine for a bike intended to be a “more bang for your buck” go fast high racer. At $2300 with the Euro mesh seat, it is one of the overall fastest bikes in its price range. I find the $3400 Lightning P-38 will keep up on hill climbs but isn’t as fast on the flats. The Lightning has a more traditional seat for riders that like to sit up more. Try both before you buy if you can.

The Corsa frame is well made by Kenesis. I find the Bacchetta Euro mesh seat to be the comfiest Euro-style seat. It is not quite as light as the carbon seats but the padding fits and stays put better and it breathes better also, so I don’t get as sweaty. The Euro mesh seat also has mounts on the back for two water bottle cages, a nice feature lacking on the carbon seats. As with all dual 650c/700c high-racers, shorter riders may find it hard to start and stop due to the higher seats.

Like on many high racers the Corsa’s dual 650C wheels will fit a variety of go fast tires, but I’m not aware of a significantly wider or more durable tire that will fit. The 700c version offers more tire choices and can accept slightly fatter tires.

If you are looking for a versatile, comfy, relaxing, bombproof bike this may not be it. For that look at the Giro 26 or Giro 26″ ATT. The Corsa favors speed over relaxation and comfort, making it great for riding with your buddies on their diamond frame wedgie bikes or doing fast century rides.

Click here for a  Bacchetta Owners Manual (pdf 1.22mb)