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BionX Bike Motor
BionX Electric Bike Motors Make you feel like the Bionic man!
BionX entered bankruptcy in January 2018. I’m afraid they may not be back.

Is getting up those hills getting you down? Do you find the ride to work too long and time consuming? Don’t want to arrive sweaty at work? Family members can’t keep up on group rides? Maybe the BionX electric bicycle motor assist is the answer for you. Spelled BionX and pronounced bionix (bionics). The BionX converts your bike into a lightweight rechargeable electric bike.

BionX Electric Bike Motor Conversion Kit

Made in Ontario, Canada the BionX electric bike motor conversion kits are high tech, easy to control and lightweight. We stock their top of the line PL 350 system. It features Lithium Ion batteries for light weight and long life and a 350 watt motor to add a significant boost and flatten those hills! It even has regenerative braking (like a hybrid electric car) to charge your battery while saving your brakes on down hills! We keep a recumbent in the shop ready to ride set up with the BionX electric bicycle motor. Come give it a try and test ride it!

BionX Electric Motor
BionX is light, compact and easy to install on most bicycles

To test the BionX system I used a Sun Sport CX recumbent bike outfitted with a BionX P-250. I used the motor like this; on hill climbs I set it on full assist. On larger down hills I pedaled lightly and whenever the bike exceeded 20 mph I used the regenerative brakes to recharge the battery.

My BionX electric bike battery range test ride:

I rode from our shop to Wegman’s in Hornell, a 20 mile round trip and returned a movie rental. I took the hilly route both ways, over Pennsylvania Hill Road. This adding a few climbs on the way out and a huge climb and a few smaller ones on the way back. Total climb on this ride was nearly 1000 vertical feet. I did not measure this accurately.

I set the BionX on full boost and pedaled at my normal, pretty vigorous rate. It was March so I was not in the shape I’d be in midsummer. When the bike went over ~20 MPH I set the BionX to slow the bike and recharge the batteries. This kept my speed under ~25 mph on all but the one big descent – Pennsylvania Hill. On the way down Pennsylvania Hill even recharging the batteries it went up to nearly 30 MPH. I didn’t use the brakes but could have easily stopped if I’d wanted to.

Without the BionX the bike would have gone nearly 50 mph on this decent. This very hilly 20 mile ride took me 1 hour, 15 minutes, a 16 mph average speed. Without the BionX this course would have taken me at least a half an hour longer and been more tiring. Climbing Pennsylvania Hill without the BionX would have been a strain on the heavy Sun EZ-Sport. Even on a racing recumbent it would have been hard work on this hilly course. When I got home the battery was nearly used up but I could still feel the boost of the motor as I pulled in the driveway.

I went 20 miles on a charge, some riders may go farther per charge, some may get fewer miles per charge. It depends on what level boost you use and how hilly your rides are. BionX claims a range of 20 kilometers (15 miles) which is probably closer to what most riders will get. It is better to plan on the 15 mile range between charges, especially for larger riders and those who may be a bit out of shape.

The 250 watt motor flattened the hills even on the Sun, which is not a light bike or known as a great climber. The next day, after a recharge, I tried the P-250 on the Hartsville Hill climb (1.5 miles, 425 vertical feet) and was surprised how easy that killer hill was.

My observations:

  • If you are more sparing in its use or riding on less hilly roads the BionX will have a greater range on one charge.
  • The BionX assists you up to about 20 mph, over 20 mph you are on your own.
  • It is very noticeable on hill climbs, not so noticeable on flat roads.
  • It will be more noticeable for smaller lighter riders, less noticeable for larger heavier riders. Larger riders may want to consider the 350 watt version. (This test was the standard 250 watt system.)
  • The controls are really easy to get used to and give good information: battery condition, current speed, current boost or recharge rate and boost or recharge setting selected. In 2009 BionX improved their systems with more robust electronics and quieter motors.
  • Recharging the battery on down hills helps control your speed and extend my range. On flat roads this is not significant.
  • With a BionX your bike is still light enough (~55 lb total) you can still finish a ride even with the battery flat without killing yourself.
Note: We do not recommend changing any settings except for the ones found in your BionX owners manual.

Benefits of the BionX electric motor bike system:

  • Can be installed on YOUR bike, adds less than 20 lb!
  • Quickly remove battery and your bike will weigh only 10 lb more than it does now!
  • Evens out all level of cyclists (friends and family) so they can enjoy rides together
  • Allows longer distance riding with less fatigue
  • Regenerative braking charges the battery and saves your brakes on longer down hills
  • Makes your bike even better transportation to work, stores, anywhere
  • Batteries recharge quickly with included charger
  • Lithium Ion battery has no “memory” and, lasts for more recharges than most batteries
  • LI Battery stores 10 Amp Hours giving a 15 to 30 mile range
  • Lithium Ion battery

We currently stock the PL-350 with a Lithium Ion battery which adds ~20% to your range.


  • Providing a higher torque, this model is the best in class for climbing, long rides and fast accelerations.
  • Providing a quicker and higher % of assistance than the PL250.
  • Outfitted with a down tube battery mounting unit or on a new and practical rear rack version, to suit all frames and riders.
  • Motor: 350 Watts
  • Range*: 20+ miles
  • Battery: 36.9V- LiMn – 10 Ah
  • Weight: 17 lb (motor and battery pack)

We keep a recumbent set up with the BionX motor, come try it!

Call to see what bike we currently have with BionX for test rides.

About our BionX battery electric test bike.

  • We used the Sun EZ-Sport as out electric recumbent for several reasons:
    • It is comfy, easy to get used to, inexpensive and fits a wide range of riders.
    • It is not light or fast, features not required for a BionX test bike.
Note: We do not recommend changing any settings except for the ones found in your BionX owners manual.

It makes a comfy but pretty mundane bike fun!

And the BionX isn’t just for recumbent bikes

BionX Electric Bike Motor can be used on a Mountain Bike

Just wanted to say thank-you for sending over the kit. It works really well and I have attached a few photos so you can have a look.

Many Thanks,
Peter & Barbara