Haluzak Hybrid Recumbent Bike

Haluzak hybrid
Haluzak Hybrid Race
On 1/4/07 Bill Haluzak told me he is calling it quits from the bicycle manufacturing business. He said the main issue was getting Shimano parts when he needs them. He will still be making and selling parts and accessories for his existing bikes but will no longer be making or selling new Haluzak Recumbents. We will try to keep some Haluzak Recumbent parts and accessories in stock as long as they are available.
If you are looking for a high quality, lightweight USS recumbent – Linear Recumbents has their new 3.0 LWB available now and you may also want to check out the HP Velo Streetmachine or Longbikes Eliminator.

Haluzak Hybrid Racing Recumbent Bicycle

Haluzak Hybrid Race with optional kickstand

Options available on the Haluzak include an accessory mount (for lights & speedometers), front shocks, kickstand adapter and Over Seat Steering (but OSS is only 1% of their sales.)

The seats on Haluzak (like Lightning and Vision) bikes don’t adjust to fit your leg length, the pedals do. This makes an adjustment to different riders more difficult as you may need to change the chain length also. For owners who want to share their bikes with riders of different height, this is inconvenient. The fixed seat position allows your weight to remain optimally centered between the wheels whether you are tall or short. Their optimal weight distribution and medium wheelbase combine to deliver their excellent low-speed handling.

Judging from the loyalty of Haluzak owners, these are bikes that you won’t get tired of. They handle as well as or better than any USS bike I’ve ridden.

The Haluzak Horizon and Leprechaun recumbent bikes and Triumf recumbent delta trike can take a while to order. Bill Haluzak builds them himself and sometimes has trouble keeping up with demand.

We are all sold out of Haluzak recumbents but we do have some parts and accessories that will fit Haluzak recumbents.

We may have some used Haluzak recumbents here: