Sun EZ-1 Lite Recumbent Bike

Sun has discontinued the EZ-1 Lite. We typically stock the Sun EZ-Classic which is the upgraded model or the somewhat similar Maxarya recumbents. Give us a call if you would like to come test ride one! The rest of this page is left for historical information.
Sun EZ-1 Lite blue recumbent bike
Sun EZ-1 Lite

Sun EZ-1 Lite Recumbent Bicycle

The EZ-Lite has not been made in several years. It was an aluminum version of the steel Sun EZ-1. Available in subdued metallic blue or silver, its aluminum frame, seat clamp and handlebar brought the weight down to 33-lb a savings of 9 lb over the steel EZ-1. It also has lighter, faster, higher-pressure tires for lower rolling resistance and more speed.

It was not a race bike but if keeping up with fast riders isn’t one of your goals you may like it a lot. The current version of the steel EZ-1 is the EZ Classic SX which is very similar to the original with a few small differences that don’t affect the ride much. If you are looking for a similar but nicer bike check out the Maxarya Ray 2.

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Sun Bicycles Recumbent Owner’s Manuals

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