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Recumbent Bike and Recumbent Trike Consumer Reviews


My name is Peter Stull and I write most of the reviews here on I have been riding recumbents exclusively since 1995. As you can see from the pictures on this page I have ridden  a lot of recumbent bikes.



Recumbent bike reviews from a recumbent bike rider, owner, dealer and specialist




I actually ride every bike I review on this website. I’ve run errands on bents, ridden centuries on them, trained on them and raced them.  Having ridden the bikes myself (as a consumer) and having over a decade of experience riding, selling and servicing recumbents - I do my best to give objective feedback on the models we carry. I don’t review bikes I have not ridden because I want the content of this website to be written from a consumer's viewpoint.


We try to keep our recumbent bike reviews impartial. Though we do have some personal favorites we are relatively unbiased because we buy every bike we review  so we aren't overly concerned as to what the manufacturers think of our reviews. The goal is to give you an honest opinion.


The Best Recumbent Bike For You


I don’t try to push the expensive recumbent bikes, in fact, there are some less expensive recumbents that I truly love and would recommend. I want to help you get the bike you love. There are some recumbents that I prefer, though I can see why others with different needs & wishes (or budget) would not like them. And their are some 'bents I personally don’t like much but I can see how some other riders would love them. Even better than my opinions though is the feedback I have received from customers who come here to try before they buy - and I listen to their feedback and share that input with test riders as well.


Come for a Test Ride


The best way to find YOUR favorite recumbent is to test ride a dozen yourself. If you can’t ride them yourself before choosing a recumbent bicycle - then reading objective reviews is probably the second best way to gather information before buying a recumbent bike. Consumer generated recumbent bike reviews are useful because they are not influenced by the manufacturers. 


We ride the bikes we sell - and we write our pages as consumers for consumers.


When it comes to consumer reports for recumbent bikes - I hope we have served you well. Using the knowledge we have compiled should help you make an informed decision and we sell most every brand available so whichever bike you fall in love with, we probably have it in stock and ready to test ride!


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