ICE Recumbent Trikes

Everything you know about Ice Trikes changed in 2010. Well, almost.

In 2010 Ice redesigned their line and renamed the sporty “Q” the Sprint. The more relaxed “T” became the Adventure. Both these new trikes fold without tools.

The Ice Sprint has a 29.5-inch track width; while the higher, more relaxing Ice Adventure comes in two widths: 29.5” and the wider HD version. The Ice VTX is a full on performance trike and does not fold.

Time to Fold

The Adventure and Sprint trikes fold in half quickly and easily, without any tools. When I demonstrate how a bike or trike folds I like to keep it interesting, so I ask the customer to time me. With these Ice trikes, 15 to 30 seconds is usually all it takes. I find them the quickest trikes to fold. When folded the seat is a separate piece. They are pretty easy to carry in most hatchbacks or SUVs. We once put two Ice trikes in a tiny Honda Fit! If you have a sedan you will probably have to remove the front wheels and even then it is not guaranteed to fit in the trunk. Ice trikes can be further disassembled to fit in most any car or airline luggage but this is a long process that requires mechanical expertise.

Things Our Customers Love About Ice Trikes

  • The indirect steering makes Ice trikes easy to get used to. They are stable and easy to control at high speed and pretty maneuverable at low speeds.
  • The Ice set is very comfortable, larger riders prefer the wider seat on the Adventure HD.
  • Ice seats can be adjusted to your favorite reclined angle.
  • Ice trikes can be fitted with a wide variety or Ice options and accessories.
  • The Ice Adventure and Sprint trikes have 20” front wheels and 20” or 26” rear wheels.
  • The Adventure and Sprint can be rigid or have rear suspension or full suspension.

All Ice trikes include:

  • A frame that folds without tools
  • An adjustable pedal boom with etched fit markings to adjust for leg length.
  • Handlebars are adjustable for width and reach
  • Rear triangle that is Rohloff 14 speed internal gear hub Ready
  • Compatibility with the many optional I.C.E. accessories.
  • Excellent finish and graphics.

So get out and do some test riding. You may love the adjustable seat recline and fold-ability of an Ice, you may prefer the lightweight and maneuverability of a Catrike, you may find the Greenspeed Magnum’s 40 lb warranty weight is just what you need.