Trice Recumbent Trikes

The Ice “T”, “Tnt”, “Q”, and “Qnt” were discontinued late in 2009 and replaced by the new Ice Adventure and Sprint.

These new, improved Ice trikes are described on our Ice Recumbent Trike page.

Trice has been around for a long time and is one of the best known trike makers. Their Ice trikes all have a comfy combination of rear suspension and adjustable seat recline, a nice combination. We have been an Ice dealer since 2004.

I couldn’t be happier with the Trice trike. Compared to the other trike I bought on the internet it is a luxury cruiser. You couldn’t get me off it for the rest of the day. The narrow-track option has already worked out. The main road near my house has bicycle-lanes; the narrow track kept me inside the line. The steering is so easy and so stable at the same time. The twist-grip shifters are not a problem (I know that you’re not crazy about them, but they’re all right for me). The higher and more upright position is more comfortable for me. The suspension makes our still-potholed streets much easier to ride. Everything works like the proverbial Swiss watch. And it’s fast! All in all, more than worth it. And please thank your assistant for the very attentive service.

E.L. Rochester NY.
Trice Mesh Seat
The Ice T & Ice Tnt

The 2008 Ice “T”

The T & Tnt are Ice’s touring trikes. They have more ground clearance and you sit higher for better visibility. This higher seat also makes them more accessible, easier to get in to and out of. The “nt” stands for narrow track. The nt is easier to fit through a door, between the “no cars here” posts on bike paths and into the back of a medium size car. It also makes the turning circle larger and the trike easier to tip in a high speed turn. The Tnt, being higher and narrower is the easiest Trice to tip. Most riders do not find this a problem in normal riding.

Ice T with Touring Bags
An Ice T outfitted for a tour

Trice T & TNT Recumbent Trikes

The Ice Q & Ice Qnt

Trice QNT
Trice Ice QNT out for a brisk ride

The Q & Qnt are Ice’s sport trikes with a lower seat for greater aerodynamics and better cornering and improved emergency handling. The Hard-shell seat option makes these pretty sporty trikes. Not as fast as the Catrike Expedition and 700 but certainly more comfy over bumpy roads.

Trice Q
The ICE Q with Optional Hard-shell Seat

“nt” denotes the narrow track version. The front wheels are closer together making it easier to ride in narrow places, like between the NO CARS posts on bike trails. They are a bit easier to tip in a sharp corner and have larger turning circles because there as less room for handlebar movement between the seat and front wheels. They fit through doors and into medium sized cars better too.

Trice Q & QNT Trikes

Folding the Ice trikes

The Ice trikes fold for travel and transport in two ways. First, the rear wheel and seat comes off easily and the rear suspension folds easily. This makes them pretty easy to get into most vehicles. You can also shorten the front boom. This disturbs the adjustment of the trike to fit your leg length and must be carefully re-adjusted before riding.

Folded Trice Q
Trice Q Folded

Folding an Ice further is more accurately described as disassembly. You remove the front wheels leaving the front drum brakes disassembled and the brake shoes hanging.

If you want to disassemble your trike to take on an airliner for an overseas trip the Ice will be great. If you want to quickly get your trike as small as possible to toss in the back of a small car check the Greenspeed GT-1, GT-3, GT-5 & GT-x.

  • Standard quick release rear mudguard easily clips on and off in seconds. It is lightweight, height adjustable and suitable for all tire widths but does not stay put very well in use. (30 sec removal)
  • Rear rack (optional) with integral rear mudguard is removable with QR levers (30 sec).
  • Seat is removable with standard quick release levers (40 sec removal).
  • Rear frame section folds under main frame (removing the QR rear wheel, and releasing the Velcro retaining strap) greatly reducing overall length of trike (30 sec removal and fold once the rear wheel is off).

Sub total ~ 2minutes and it will fit in many cars.

  • The quick release kit (optional) allows the owner to remove the front mudguards, remove the front wheels, shorten the boom, and fold the handlebars, all without tools (4 mins)
  • Total complete fold and split approx 6 mins – this will vary with experience (an expert can do it in a fraction of this time).
  • Once folded and split down the trike will fit into most standard bicycle bags.

Compared to the Greenspeed GT1; GT-3; GT-5 & GT-X the Ice has rear suspension so you don’t feel bumps as much and the Greenspeeds fold smaller quicker. Which is best for you? If you are flying to places where the roads may be bad the Ice looks pretty good. If you want to toss it in your car’s trunk the GT’s are pretty convenient.

Then there is the ride quality of each. Come try both and decide for yourself!