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Bacchetta Recumbent Bicycles

Bacchetta, Inc

The Bacchetta recumbent bikes are from X-Eyed Design inc. The X-Eyed design/management team includes veteran recumbent professionals with more than 40 years of experience.

The people make the company.

Mark Colliton, X-eyed President, has been riding, designing, building, racing & selling recumbents since the early 1990's. Other recumbent companies have used his designs, including Angletech, RANS and Barcroft.

Mark has been a regular contributor to Recumbent Cyclist News, the oldest recumbent bicycle publication in the US.

John Schlitter, X-Eyed VP, has over 20 years experience riding, designing and manufacturing recumbents. John was instrumental in bringing to market the RANS V-Rex, Gliss, Vivo, Tailwind and Screamer recumbent bicycles. He designed the renowned RANS mesh back seat. John has owned and operated two bicycle shops over the years, so he knows something about what recumbent customers are looking for.

Mark Swanson, an avid recumbent cyclist and X-Eyed experienced entrepreneur. It looks like X-Eyed will be his fifth successful start-up company.

Rich Pinto founded Aerocycles in 1996. He has designed some of the fastest recumbents in the northeast. (He is the guy that got George Reynolds interested in fast recumbents.)

Mike Wilkerson has several years experienced in recumbent manufacturer/dealer relations. He keeps us informed and supplied with all things Bacchetta.


Click here for a Bacchetta Owner's Manual (requires Acrobat Reader 1.22mb)






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