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Recumbent Bikes by Brand

  • Azub Bikes Recumbents

    Azub Bikes innovative, rugged European recumbent bikes and trikes made in the Czech Republic for over 10 years and are only available in the US from the Bicycle Man! Visit the Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, New York and test ride yours today! Azub Recumbents

  • Bacchetta

    The Bicycle Man carries several models of Bacchetta Recumbents in stock. Bacchetta has earned a reputation as performance OSS SWB and high-racer recumbents as well as LWB OSS bents. With such a variety how can you decide without a ride? Visit the Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, New York and test ride yours today! Bacchetta Recumbents

  • Easy Racers

    The Bicycle Man has carried Easy Racer's LWB OSS Tour Easy recumbent in stock since the '90's. Easy Racers has been continuously building touring recumbent bicycles since 1978, longer than anyone else in the world! Visit the Bicycle Man to test ride Easy Racers recumbents!

  • HP-Velotechnik

    HP-Velotechnik makes some of the most rugged fully suspended SWB touring and commuter  recumbent bikes available. We carry their Streetmachine and Grasshopper FX recumbent bikes, usually in the USS configuration. Stop in at the Bicycle Man and try them for yourself! HP-Velotechnik Recumbent Bikes

  • Lightning

    The Bicycle Man carries Lightning Cycles' Phantom and legendary P-38 SWB OSS sport recumbents. Lightning Cycles are known for having good hill climbing performance without an excessively reclined seat. Since the '90's the Bicycle Man has been the largest Lightning recumbent dealer in the North East, Stop in and see how you like the Lightning ride! Lightning Cycles

  • Linear

    Bicycle Man llc has been manufacturing Linear LWB USS recumbents since 2002. Linear Recumbents were always a joy to ride, we have worked hard to keep them simple, light and fun while making them much more durable and faster. We have sent Linears to Europe, Asia and all over the U.S. Bicycle Man customers have ridden their Linear recumbent bikes home-to-work and coast-to-coast. Stop in and try them, see what you think! Linear Recumbent Bikes

  • Longbikes

    Longbikes is known for building stout Chromoly steel bikes that should last you a lifetime. The Bicycle Man carries the Longbikes Eliminator SWB USS sport recumbent and their flagship Slipstream LWB USS touring recumbent. As one of the first and largest Longbikes dealers in the world the bicycle Man has sent customers coast to coast, we are ready to help you decide if a Longbikes should be on your short list! Longbikes Recumbent Bikes

  • Maxarya

    The Bicycle Man carries the Maxarya Ray-1 in stock and can order their more expensive Ray-1X. Maxarya makes the lightest, most economical suspended CLWB, OSS recumbent on the market. Is it also the nicest suspended CLWB? Stop in and try one for yourself how a CLWB  recumbent with rear suspension feels. Maxarya Recumbent Bikes

  • Optima

    The Bicycle Man carries Optima's European designed SWB suspended recumbents in stock. As rugged as you'd expect from a Dutch design but priced more like a Taiwanese bike. Stop in and try them, see which you like best! Optima Recumbent Cycles

  • RANS

    RANS has been making recumbent bicycles since 1979 and the Bicycle Man has had them continuously in stock since 1995. Their classic Stratus LWB and V-Rex SWB models earned them a reputation for well rounded, rugged and comfy recumbents. Their selection of OSS LWB and SWB bike models continues to grow. With such a variety how can you decide without a ride? Stop in at the Bicycle Man and see hou you like them for yourself! RANS Recumbent Bikes

  • Sun

    Sun has earned a reputation as some of the strongest, cheapest, beginner recumbent bikes on the market. Most Sun recumbents carry an impressive 300 lb warranty weight. At the Bicycle Man we stock a few Sun recumbent bikes and invite you to come try them and their competitors, see which is your favorite! Sun Recumbents

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