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Recumbent Trikes by Brand

  • Avenue Trikes

    The Avenue Trikes is a new brand of tadpole trike with many offerings.  These trikes are highly adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of rider heights and weights.  Using direct steering these trikes are nimble.  Equipped with a high seat height they are easy to get in and out of as well. Avenue Trikes

  • Azub

    Azub Bikes innovative, rugged European recumbent bikes and trikes made in the Czech Republic for over 10 years! Visit the Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, New York and test ride yours today! Azub Recumbents

  • Catrike

    The Bicycle Man is a Gold level Catrike dealer and keeps several models in stock for you to try. Catrike builds a variety of welded aluminum tadpole trike models, each carefully aimed at a particular type of customer. They are not foldable but each is the lightest trike in their price range. All Catrikes are (and have always been) built right here in the USA!  Catrike

  • Greenspeed

    The Bicycle Man carries the folding GT series recumbent trikes from Greenspeed. The GT-1, GT-3 & GT-5 fold smaller and faster than any other recumbent I know of. I can put one in the trunk of most economy cars in about 60 seconds. Come try them, and bring your stopwatch!  Greenspeed

  • Hase

    The Hase Kettwiesel is one of the fastest delta trikes available. Starting at over $3000 they are among the most expensive. Are they worth it? Check our inventory then come see for yourself! Hase

  • HP-Velotechnik

    The Hp Velotechnik Scorpion, Scorpion FX and Scorpion FS are sporty, rugged suspended tadpole trikes. They may have the nicest suspension available on a tadpole trike, which adds to their weight & price. We stock one or two of them so you can try a wide selection of trikes before you decide on your favorite. HP-Velo Scorpion

  • ICE

    ICE Inspired Cycle Engineering (sometimes called Trice) makes quality tadpole recumbent trikes with rear suspension and 20” rear wheels or you can choose a model with a 26” rear but no suspension. Their simple elastomer suspension makes them quickly foldable while their modular design makes them very dis-assembleable for airline transport. ICE Recumbent Trikes

  • Sun Recumbent Trikes

    Sun makes a variety of delta and tadpole trikes. They are all durable and most have a rider weight limit of 300 lb, some as high as 400 lb! We stock many of their Delta trikes which are the least expensive trikes we sell. These delta trikes are an excellent choice for comfort, economy and accessibility. They are not light, fast or foldable. The Sun tadpole trikes are less appealing to me. They are not light or sporty and the inexpensive EZ-Tadpole is unstable at speed, we won’t stock it till it is redesigned, maybe in 2010.  Sun Recumbent Trikes

  • TerraTrike WizWheelz

    TerraTrike – WizWheelz (commonly misspelled WizWheels) makes tadpole trikes from economical to deluxe. We particularly stock their more economical models which offer adjustable seat recline and indirect steering at a moderate price point. WizWheelz TerraTrike

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